Sheep and Lambs For Sale

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Our lambs are born February-March (pictures of previous years lambs) and we periodically retire/rehome our herd rams/ewes due to our small herd. If you don’t see something you are interested in or would like to get on the wait list for a lamb or adult please email

Average price for lambs/sheep $300-$1400

  • Average starting point for lamb ewes $600, rams $500 and wethers $400.
  • Increases in price: blue eye(s) ($100-250), spotting pattern ($50-$250) and higher generation ($50 every generation over F1, not applied to wethers).
  • All rams/ewes registered with HSSR and will have scrapie genome testing done if not able to be determined by genetics (wethers are not sold registered and will not have scrapie genome testing done)

This is a link to some videos on getting your new lamb used to hand feeding:

Lambs and Sheep For Sale

We are nestled in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe in the town of Camino, California (also known as Apple Hill)